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Domain Name, Hosting & Support

Domain Name, Hosting & Support
Domain Name, Hosting & Support Domain Name, Hosting & Support Domain Name, Hosting & Support
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A domain name uniquely identifies a website. Typing a domain name (also called a URL) into your browser allows you to visit that site.We help you in the search and choice the best domain name.

We help you in the search and purchase of the right domain name for your business, for the same price.

The purchase of the domain name is in a yearly basis and can be for one, two or three years.

The price of the domain name service is $12 a year.  The cost of the domain name for the first year is included in the cost of your Website or Store Online elaboration.  After the first year you have to cover the domain name fee.



.com — commercial entities
.org — non-profit organizations
.net -Internet infrastructure and network providers
.edu .ac — educational institution (restricted)
.mil — US military (restricted)
.gov — reserved for US intergovernmental organizations (restricted)
.int — international organizations
.biz — business web sites
.name — used by individuals or families for personal use
.info — unrestricted extension for informational websites
.pro — for professional organizations and credentialed professionals
.aero — air-transport industry websites
.museum — for museums
.tv — registrations for media related contents.


USE FOR EMAIL AND WEB. One unique domain name can be used as a company's web address and for its email addresses.

PERSONALIZE EMAIL. One of the most popular reasons to have a domain name is to have personalized email, either for your business or for personal reasons.

EXAMPLE: Your company acquire the domain name:
Then, every email is a unique address, followed by your domain name, such as "" or ""

MULTIPLE ADDRESSES. You can often create multiple email addresses for each domain you own, so that each member of your company has their own address.


You most often see domains listed as A domain consists of two main parts. Let's use this one as an example:

The first part, "thingsok"
This is the unique part of the name. It represents your company or brand name. It is how you will be branded and known on the web.

The last part is called the extension
A domain extension is the suffix seen at the end of a URL or e-mail address and each extension signifies a particular category to which a website belongs.



You can count with our assistance in the administration of your website or store online.

First year of Support is included in the Website or Store Online Elaboration.

Our support includes the daily activities in how to enter, edit, modify texts, to update prices, publish articles, upload pictures, make backups, etc., etc.

That means we train and advise you in how to realize the every-day website activities and also the maintenance like modification of menus, settings, appereance and some other features which do not need to be made daily.

After the first year of elaboration of your website you can afford our Website Support Service at $20 per month, paid in one payment of $240, at the begining of the perid.



In order to publish a website online, you need a Web host. The Web host stores all the pages of your website and makes them available to computers connected to the Internet.

The web hosting service is at $48 a year.  This service is included for the first year with your Website or Store Onlline elaboration.  After the first year of website elaboration you have to cover the web hosting fee.



We are offering the MAINTENANCE PACKAGE for your support, after the first year of your Website or Store Online elaboration.

Includes 1 year Website or Store Online Support, 1 year of Domain Name and 1 year of Hosting Service for $240.

Anyway at any moment we can assist you with any labor your Website or Store Online needs, at very affordable prices, without the Maintenance Package acquisition. 


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